Event Applications

Apply: Art and Craft Vendors


Are you an Artist or a Crafter and you want to be a vendor at the Art Night Out along with other events in Northwood Village? 

Click the image about to apply today!

Apply: Musicians


We are lining up our 2019 Music on the Square. If you are a singer or a band we are looking to showcase your talents.

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Meet the Art Night Out Team

Art Night Out Producers


Nickie and Freddy Hennevelt are the  Art Night Out Producers and Coordinators. 

Art Night Out Assistant


Shica is a wonderful assistant supporting wherever it is needed to make the  Art Night Out a success.

Art Night Out Graphic Assistant


Steve is an amazing artist and designer. His assistance with Graphics keeps your eyes tantalized with the excitement of the  Art Night Out. 

Art Night Out Contributors


Lot 23 Artist are Contributors of the over all themes of the  Art Night Out. 

Thank you for you help!

CRA of West Palm Beach


The Art Night Out is supported by funding by the CRA of West Palm Beach.

Thank you for supporting the 

Art Night Out Event

Merchants Of Northwood Village


Norhtwood Village has a great group of Merchants that are open late for you during  Art Night Out! 

Thank you for keeping your 

doors open to the community.